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Pineapple guava can be grown from seed, but seedlings are slow growing.

The pineapple guava tolerates almost any amount of pruning and can be used as a hedge or screen. After the first growing season, I removed the nursery trellis and placed tree stakes about six feet apart on either side of the shrub and lashed two bamboo poles to the stakes that loosely lace through the guava’s branches.

Jul 20, When to Prune Guava Trees. Prune guavas 3 to 4 months after planting to train them to the desired shape. If you are pruning yours to a tree shape, select a single trunk and 3 or 4 lateral (side) branches. Remove all other shoots.

Berg Burret Common names English: pineapple-guava; German: Feijoa; Portuguese: goiaba-do-campo, goiabeira-serrana; Spanish: falso guayabo, guayaba brasilera, guayaba chilena; Swedish: feijoa 4 Synonyms Feijoa sellowiana f.

Pinch back the tips of the selected side branches when they are 2 to 3 feet (1 m.) long. Dec 24, Pineapple guava will grow in full sun to part shade and in a variety of soil types, though it prefers a slightly acidic soil.

It does well with minimal pruning and care and typically won't require much irrigation beyond normal rainfall. It has no major pest or disease problems. Feijoa sellowiana, or Pineapple Guava, is a gray-green evergreen shrub or tree (depending on pruning) which produces small, tasty fruit in late summer and early fall. The plants can be pruned to form a hedge or a small tree and will withstand several degrees below freezing. Sep 21, Feed the pineapple guava once every other month.

Use pruning shears to cut back branches to shape the tree or thin out dense interior growth. Remove the branches from the bottom 12 inches of the trunk. This helps promote growth and development of the upper part of the tree.

I remember being SO proud and excited when we got our first homegrown pineapple guava!

Use pruning shears to cut the branches even with the trunk. Jun 27, A: Yes; prune it to shape it after the fruiting period. Pineapple guava is an attractive large shrub that matures to about 12 feet. The red-white spring flowers are followed by fruit that makes a.