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To be on the safe side, I like using cactus mix combined with perlite.

Why are the leaves falling off your Portulacaria Afra? The most likely reason for dropped leaves is watering issues.

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A portulacaria afra that is too wet will look sickly and drop leaves. The dropped leaves might appear yellowish in color and could feel shrubdisposal.buzzted Reading Time: 10 mins. Why are the leaves falling off my elephant Bush? Overwatering is the primary cause of failure in Elephant Bush because it invites fungal rot disease.

The leaves of the overwatered plant become swollen and discolored. Not enough water causes the leaves to dry up and sometimes drop succulent should be watered more often in summer and less in the shrubdisposal.buzzg: Rockland MA.

Nov 14, Leaf drop can also be a sign of underwatering. Not getting enough water can cause leaves of Elephant Bush to dry out and eventually fall off. You should water your Elephant Bush regularly in summer and cut the watering a little bit during the colder months.

As with most of the other succulents, you can’t be wrong with using the “soak and dry” shrubdisposal.buzzted Reading Time: 4 mins. Jun 06, i seem to be having nothing but problems with my new elephant bush.

i've kept the soil dry and i've kept it at my window trying to give it the best light i can provide but it won't seem to stop dropping leaves. im not sure what i should do about that problem.

i'd appreciate any sort of advice that can be shrubdisposal.buzzg: Rockland MA. My elephant bush leaves are just. falling off?!? A few are shriveled & dead but others looks totally fine.

On the other hand, I see more baby growth than I Missing: Rockland MA.